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New Equipment Means Better Photography

After 10 years of faithful service, my reliable, go-to camera the Canon 1Ds Mark III has been put to rest and relegated to a backup role. Im very happy to announce the purchase of a Canon 5D Mark III. Although, there are more recent, pixel stuffed-sensors available, I elected to buy the 5D Mark III due to its outstanding track record for producing phenomenal images, increased dynamic range, and superior performance in low-light situations …which I am often presented with on many architectural projects.

Along with the Mark III, Im assisted by my new Camranger allowing me to work remotely from my Ipad. By generating its own Wi-Fi signal, the Camranger links to my 5D Mark III via a free downloaded app. Camranger provides live viewing, selective focus (only on auto-focus lenses), and complete control of aperture settings, color temperature, exposure compensation, and shutter release.

This wonderful combination will allow me to work with my clients in real time to view and adjust compositions with the live view function, in real time before the shutter is released. After capturing, the image can be downloaded from the camera to the Ipad for final viewing and approval before moving on to the next setup. Sweet.

Next month I will be photographing the #2 rated golf course in Iowa over a three day period. I cant tell you how useful all of this new technology will be in capturing the needed course shots. The Mark III and Camranger will sit atop my Manfrotto 24 foot tripod (affectionately named Helga) with a pan and tilt motor drive between the two. By utilizing the Live Cam feature on the Mark III, I can view the composition from my Ipad, tilt and turn the camera angles until the desired composition in achieved, select my focus point and depth of field, and release the shutter while sitting comfortably in the golf cart. The Camranger Wi-Fi signal is effective up to 50 meters.
Buying new technologies is an integral part of being successful in this highly competitive business. Photographers…..charge accordingly.