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The Very Best In Photography

Whether you are a seasoned photographer, a new photographer or just love to capture moments with your I-phone, everyone loves to view mankinds efforts to document our curious world.  I continue to marvel at the stunning images created each year. 

Several years ago I made the effort to submit several images to the Black and White Spider Awards out of London.  I was fortunate to win an Honorable mention for the image at the bottom of this blog post.  I'd love to dedicate more of my time to fine art photography but can't seem to find the time as my architectural photography business takes all of my time.  Maybe when I retire in a few years.

None-the-less, here is a sampled list of websites showcasing some of the best photography.  Enjoy these amazing photos:

National Geographic Best Photos of the Year (so far)

Travel Photography of the Year

Black and White Spider Awards (one of my favorites)

British Wildlife Photographs of the Year

International Photography Award Winners

Sony World Photography Awards

Annual IPP  Awards

National Geographic Travel Photos

Forbes Wildlife Photography of the Year

Mike Crews  -  'Steppin Outta Time' -2013