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10 Tips for Garden Photography

Several years ago, I was asked by a local garden club if I would make a presentation at a members' meeting.  The presentation was well received with some great discussion among the members attending.  About two weeks later I ran into a woman in a bookstore who recognized me from the meeting and expressed her personal thanks and appreciation.  This week I received an email from her asking if I still had a list of photography tips presented at that presentation and could I email that list to her.  

I thought I would list them again for anyone and everyone who loves  to capture images from a garden. nursery, conservatory, or while just walking  through a beautiful area.  The suggestions are not listed in any priority as  every photograph presents unique opportunities. 

Garden Walk
So many possibilities for garden photography

Quick Tips for Garden and Landscape Photography

·       Try to shoot early or late in day  (avoid mid-day when light is harshest and colors muted)

·       Soft sunlight renders the best light

·       With bright sunshine, try to keep sun direction at right angles to composition

·       Level the horizon line

·       If possible, physically clean up area within composition before shooting

·       Use rule of thirds to compose the photo rather than centering

·       Try to provide a path for the viewers eye to follow through the composition

·       Darken (wet) the soil or pavers for better contrast

·       Try selective focus (primary item in focus with background blurred)

·       Eliminate sky unless it is an integral part of composition

·       Move in for close-ups

·       Process captured images for brightness, color saturation, contrast and sharpness

·       Crop images as desired


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