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Chicago Photography for Architecture, Interiors, Landscape Design, and Retail


Thank you for inquiring about Mike Crews Photography.  For the past 19 years I have specialized in creating beautiful imagery of architecture, interiors, and professional landscaping.  As you'll see from my images, my style is a combination of my own artistic vision and  utilizing various lighting techniques.  I want  to invoke a desire to 'be there' and share my vision when I capture an image. 

I utilize the latest technologies to provide my clients superior architecture photography and interior photography, constantly working toward improving my technical skills and services.  Client satisfaction is the biggest reward in this business, and collaborating with a client to put the finishing touches on a project is a very special commitment.  I value that my clients invest their time and money on my expertise and I've dedicated my business to providing them a great return on that investment.  Nothing pleases me more than to receive news that a client’s project has received an award or recognition for their designs after using my photography. You just can’t beat that kind of thank you.  Mike continues to provide professional photography for Chicago, the Gold Coast, as well as exterior and interior photography for the Chicago suburbs, the Midwest, and across the USA.


I received my photographic education at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. specializing in architecture photography and interior photography.  I photograph for architects, interior designers, landscaping designers, pool designers, golf courses, retailers, restaurants, engineering firms, home designers, and I welcome any projects needing to be showcased.



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