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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I hire a professional photographer?    

A professional photographer provides experience, proven results, photographic skills, and project management experience. The results of your photographic project reflect the photographer's reputation, work ethic, attention to detail, and discipline. (Read more)


How are fees calculated for professional photography?

Photography project costs are a combination of:

  • time required in pre-project planning
  • time on location on day of the project
  • post production time
  • expenses
  • usage licensing preferences.  (Read more) 


What is the process to acquire professional images of my designs?

A successful project includes collaboration between the client and Mike.  Most projects will include:

  • a discussion with client to determine overall goals and scope of the photo project
  • a site visit to discuss the project in more detail and to work out scheduling, planning, and logistics
  • a discussion of best views that will help achieve the client's goals
  • review receipt of project images  (Read more)                      

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