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The fees for a photography project consist of creative/production fees, image licensing, and associated expenses for the photographer.

Creative/Production fees include:

  • the time required to capture the images technical complexity, logistical considerations, and if specific time of day is required
  • number of views requested for licensing
  • scheduling and completion dates required for the project
  • post-production time in office required to process the images to professional standards

Image Licensing

There are four categories of licensing for image usage rights.  The more usage the images will get, the greater the licensing fees.  It's always best to discuss your intended usage of the images with Mike to ensure that you will not pay for usage rights that you will never use.

  • Standard Usage Licensing
    • This is the basic level of usage rights granted in all projects and include non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use image(s) for a period of five years within the U.S. to include: Client’s web site, direct mailings, proposals, portfolio, in-house brochures, newspaper ads, PowerPoint presentations,  showroom & office or point of purchase displays, public relations items and press release articles.
  • Editorial Usage Licensing
    • This is an optional set of usage rights related to usage in magazines, books and other third party publications.  These rights include exclusive, non-transferable, limited time rights to use image(s) in books, magazines, and newspapers.  With this license the publishing entity must sign a license for their usage.  Editorial licesning license requires:  Proper copyright notification is required in or directly adjacent to each use of an image "© 2015, Mike Crews Photography". 
  • Advertising Usage Licensing
    • This includes  unlimited usage in all paid advertising media for time period specified in Standard Rights.  No photo credit required.
  • Buyout of Copyrights
    • This is rare and more expensive as it removes the photographer’s potential for further revenues generated from those images.  You can discuss this with Mike.

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