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Success of any project is a result of careful and thorough collaboration between you, the client, and photographer.  When you first contact Mike, he will initiate a discussion on the history behind the project, what you want to convey with the images, how many views will be needed, how the images will be used, and possible scheduling dates.  This information will also be used to develop a formal quote for the project which will be forwarded to you via email. 

If you decide to proceed, you will receive an invoice for 50% of the project cost, and Mike will schedule a pre-project visit of the location with you.  During this important walk-through, you will discuss project-day logistics, including obtaining any required permits and coordinating access to your premises with key personnel.  He will also document the existing light conditions to ensure that adequate lighting and true color renditions are achieved in the final images.  A number of test shots will also be taken on the premises.  Mike will later forward the shots to you, and, together, you will develop a final shot list for the day of the project. 

Almost all projects require some site preparation to ensure the images will look their best.  A suggested list of actions will be generated to ensure that the property is clean and orderly for project day.   This can include landscaping, cleaning windows and counter tops, replacing dead lighting, grooming carpets, and removing small knick-knacks and obstacles from areas to be photographed.  When it comes to architectural or interior design photography, less is usually best.  You may also discuss staging of any image complements (flowers, art, food, etc.) with Mike prior to the project day.

After the project day, Mike will begin finalization of the images, which may take 15 minutes to 3 hours per image. 

Next, Mike will send you low-resolution (.jpg) versions of the images for review.  At this point, you may make further suggestions regarding small editing (cropping, etc.) within the compositions.

Once further editing is finished and you are happy with the images, the larger final files (.tif format) and revised .jpg files will be sent along with the final invoice for the project. 

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