Chicago Architecture, Interior Photographer  | Mike Crews Photography
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222 Merchandise Mart Plaza Suite 1225
Chicago IL 60654
Award Winning Black and White Fine Art by Mike Crews.  Mike was an earth scientist for twenty years.  His fascination with how man and earth relate to time is a common theme within his photographic art.
Grand Canyon Under Harvest Moon
West Mitten, Monument Valley
Sandstone Sculpture, Page AZ
Three Sisters, Monument Valley
Marble Canyon, AZ
Johnson City Ghost Town, Utah
Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota
Corn Barn, Illinois
Gardener's Den, Vermont
Steppin Out of Time
Summit Pines, Illinois
Tomb Guardian
Lake Ponchartrain Sunset, Louisiana
Divergent Flows, Illinois
Milwaukee Art Museum
The River Above
Lakefront Trail, Chicago
Winter Walk to Chicago
Wrigley Square, Chicago
Montrose Pier 3
Lake michigan Pylons
East Chicago River View
Cloud Gate, Chicago
City Sanctuary, Chicago
Looking West, Chicago
Architectural Symmetry, Chicago
Morning at Evanston Pier
Aqua Building 3