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Corporate, Residential, and Landscape Photography   




When first capturing a photograph, one must see the lens within a lens. The actual image and the improved image. The angle that makes something art — not a snapshot — distinguishing one picture from a long reel of others.

Based out of Chicago, IL, Crews Photography specializes in capturing the precise composition and character within every such scene. Years of experience have contributed to building our extensive client base throughout the city and beyond. Now, our in-house photographer, Mike Crews, has amassed a list of notable clients including Whole Foods, Deutsche Bank, Nike, Chicago Magazine, and everywhere in between.

Dedicated exclusively to architecture and interior design, Crews Photography works within the dimensions of space, beauty and light in order to craft enrapturing images of place. That spacious entryway that catches the morning sun. The avant-garde storefront along the street. Even the forgotten courtyard swallowed by vines.

At Crews Photography, we always make it a point to look between the lines in search of the perfect shot. Our corporate, residential, and landscape photography conveys a standard of success unseen amongst many of our competitors. This is because we not only value the given product, but also cherish the act of photographing what surrounds us.

The Architectural Age

Part of the excitement in capturing modernist architecture is being able to document a field that’s ever changing. After having worked with prestigious firms such as McWilliams Burgener, Ethos Workshop, and Swiss Pearl Architecture, Crews Photography has learned the numerous ways to focus on the lines, precision, and off-coloring that pervades today’s style.

Our work is about understanding culture of the new age. We like to think of our images as direct representations of passing moments — timestamps of what today is now, but tomorrow might never be. Whether working within a residential home or large-scale structure, Crews Photography follows the nuances within its lens.

The Architectural Age, in many respects, is now and always. It is a vast reflection of our present, and therefore, something our team strives to capture over time. To see for yourself, feel free to contact Crews Photography today. We will provide our most up-to-date portfolio and references according to whatever specific needs you have.

Expanse & Landscape

When photographing landscapes, there is a much greater emphasis on the natural forces at play. What is the lighting inside of the courtyard? Are there windows to create a flickering effect? These and many more questions often arise when searching for how to photograph locations in their pure state.

Over the years, Crews Photography has understood how to maneuver the camera between situations outside of our control. Rain, sun, or shine, we come equipped with knowledge of how different lands photograph on screen. We can therefore continue to shift our artistic eye based upon the natural events of the given day.

It is important to note, however, that Crews Photography will never compromise quality for efficiency sake. If we feel that certain arrangements need to be made in order to provide the optimal product, we will do everything in our power to do so. As clients, your vision takes top priority. Crews Photography promises to accommodate accordingly.

The Interior Place

The aesthetic movement of interior design is always up to the artist at play. When Crews Photography approaches an interior household, therefore, we make it our mission to study the corners and crevices that make it unique.

Where did the designer choose to place the armoire? How might we accentuate the bay window instead? These questions are quickly answered by working intimately with our clients, finding out their desires, and then, recreating together an untouched setting inside every home.

Our previous clients include International Dream Homes Magazine, Darl Grooters Interiors, Luxe Magazine, Trump International, and many, many more. To view further samples of our work, please feel free to visit our online image gallery or call to request a physical portfolio today.

Scheduling Information

To book a private residential or commercial shoot, please contact Crews Photography today. Our team will strive to best accommodate your needs, and we always value any particular inquiries and feedback.

All of our customer input is essential to understanding how we can better improve our services. With that being said, we would appreciate any newfound projects or ideas that come with your vision alongside.

Crews Photography is ready and willing to work with you on establishing the best financial solution to fit your needs. Furthermore, our prices are welcoming and affordable when coupled with the quality of our work. For any custom price requests, Crews Photography can be reached via our office number at (630) 305-9116 or directly via cell at (630) 605-3976. You can also email mike@crewsphotography.com at any moment in time.

At Crews Photography, we promise to do our utmost to ensure absolute customer satisfaction and efficiency. We thank you for your time, and look forward to hearing from you!


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