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Saving Money on Photography Project Costs

Good businesses are always looking for ways to minimize their expenses.  Hey, isnt everyone?  So, I sometimes get questions about sharing the costs of a professional photography project with the most frequent question being Can we share the cost of this project with another company?

The answer is yes!  Sharing the costs of a project with other businesses can result in substantial savings for each client.  The more partners involved in the project the greater the savings.

Here is an example how adding a partner to a photo project reduced costs for several businesses wanting to use a set of project images for marketing. 

Client A, an architect firm contacted me with a significant project to capture and document their designs of corporate offices in Chicago.  The total costs for Client A was $X.  This included my creative fee, time and skills to capture the images on location, the processing of the images to professional standards back in my office, custom formatting and sizing of the images to clients request, archiving of the images, in-perpetuity licensing of the images for their marketing purposes, and delivery of those images to the client.

Client A then asked about the cost of the same project if another partner Client B (a lighting contractor who worked with Client A on the same project) could partner with Client A.  The project cost for both Client A and Client B was reduced by 29%.

If yet another client partner (a flooring contractor) joined as an additional partner the costs per client was reduced by 37%.

The bottom line is sharing the costs of a project will result in significant savings for the same set of images.  Please ask for more details on how your business can save significant costs by partnering with other parties on a photography project.